A video of a California man berating a teen girl he thought was his Uber driver has gone viral showing the man harassing her for parking in a community lot and questioning her immigration status.

The cell phone video from last week depicts a man leaning outside the girl's passenger window in Laguna Community Park and threatening her with the police, saying “she barely speaks English” and “you don’t belong here,” according to CBS Sacramento.

The girl repeatedly tells the man she is a citizen, as the man refuses to step away from her car, saying he’s called police and will report her to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


The confrontation started when the teenage girl pulled up and the man thought she was his Uber ride, according to the outlet. When the girl told him she was not an Uber driver, the man reportedly became incensed and began questioning her citizenship.

“You’re f---ing taking a parking spot from a U.S. citizen,” the man says on video recorded by the girl.

“I am going to wait till the cops come and have them get you out of here because you don’t belong here,” the man can be heard saying as the girl asks him to leave her alone.

The girl reportedly called the police to report the altercation, but police were unable to do anything about it since the man had already left. Police told The Sacramento Bee that the man never called authorities.

Jason Jimenez with Elk Grove Police told the local news outlet that police officers saw the man harassing other people the same day.